Hi there! Thanks for stopping to check out my website.

My name is Craig Boase and I live in beautiful Gippsland, Victoria.  Growing up on a farm in Western Australia I always had a deep fascination and appreciation of nature, particularly wildlife. This in turn led me to take up photography and art as a child which over the years has developed, albeit a brief hiatus in my 20’s.  

For over 15 years I have worked in the environmental/conservation field and get to visit some fantastic sites and meet some amazing people dedicated to this type of work.
Through current and previous employment/volunteering I’ve been privileged to be involved with hands on conservation work such as habitat restoration, flora and fauna surveys
and threatened species monitoring / management which has taken me around Australia from Kakadu in the NT and far north QLD to S/W Western Australia and now Gippsland. 

My photography has mostly been focussed on wildlife, particularly birds and reptiles, but includes a vast array of natural subjects. Only in recent years have I bitten
the bullet and upgraded to professional gear. Many of my photos have been published in various formats, even one incorporated into a major botany textbook in the UK! One
thing that I enjoy above all else is sharing with other people our amazing diversity of flora and fauna in Australia and often highlighting the plight and struggle of some
of these species.

My art has also taken a similar trajectory to my photography but it took years of ‘pestering’ by family and friends for me to get motivated and take it up seriously. I tend to enjoy working in gouache paint or pencil but also use pen, acrylic, watercolour and digital, amongst others. Often my photography goes hand-in-hand with art as I tend to reference a lot of my photos when producing my work.

Please enjoy viewing my art and photography. I am constantly updating this website with new images and artworks so stay tuned for more. If there are any you wish to purchase and/or use, please contact me. 

Thanks again,

Craig Boase.